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Bow wow and omarion dating

Their relationship evolved to such an extent that Bow Wow begin referring to JD as his father, and JD referred to him as his son.But in a shocking twist, a few months ago, Moss stopped collaborating with his "father" and searched after completely new producers claiming he had outgrown JD's style and wanted to find his own, around the same time he began collaborating seriously with Omarion, deciding to form a partnership that would see them realize a duo album.Yall women tooo uptight nowadays nagging is at an all time high textn us getting mad over what we post what pictures we like.

Some quickly reminded Bow Wow that Omarion is a father and questioned why he would encourage his friend to seek comfort from “ig thots” or strippers in light of that.

A producer who worked on the first Omarion-Bow Wow single released only a few months ago, confirms that, "what was going on with them in the backrooms and in the studio was more than just two dudes working on music.

Nairaland Forum / Entertainment / Celebrities / Bow Wow & Omarion Had A ROMANTIC Affair! doesnt matter who believes this cuz its still true at the end of the day. one time he hit her up via text and asked her if she'd be down to have a party with him & Omarion.

“The traveling that Omarion had to do started to put a toll on Apryl.

She is a great mother, and he will support her and his family.” As for her next step, the source added that Apryl “will be moving out and getting her own place.” There hasn’t been too much drama surrounding their split.

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But a source in JD's camp, who spoke only on the condition of anonymity, claims that the real cause for the split was that Bow Wow expressed to JD that his relationship with Omarion was more than simply musical after the two were caught engaged in a sexual activity.

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