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I targeted my women readers with one of my most popular posts, He Doesn’t Want You, But You Still Sleep With Him, and was praised for giving the cold hard truth! I’ve been “that lady” before, so it was a pleasure to share my thoughts in hopes my ladies gained clarity and self-worth! The problem I have is that you’re making your lady think she’s a priority and the only one, and that’s where you lose cool points.

No leaving out stuff you should’ve told her and no “half-truths”. I understand that a pretty face and a phat ass can be distracting.

She “feels” committed based off your actions and naturally so.

However, You have yet to give her a title or a commitment, because a “non-titled” relationship gives you the freedom to come and go. This woman is obviously in love with you and if you care about her like you pretend to, you’d be honest with her. The worst that could happen is you being every kind of asshole followed by endless tears, but why does that matter when you can hit up your options across town, right?

"I have the utmost respect for her as an artist and a person.

Introduction Wood Harris is an African-American actor.

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