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Several of those procedures invoke this standalone procedure, which prints either its integer parameter (if it is not Some examples in this chapter define functions that return values of composite types.

You can understand the examples in this chapter without completely understanding PL/SQL procedures and functions, which are explained in Chapter 8, "PL/SQL Subprograms".

This can be very useful not only for the adapter itself, but for other objects that aggregate it, like a classes, we use a set of simple tables to illustrate usage of the classes and methods.

These example tables could store information for tracking bugs in a software development project.

Does not require global keyword ( but may not be best practice ) $results = $GLOBALS['wpdb']- object is not limited to the default tables created by Word Press; it can be used to read data from any table in the Word Press database (such as custom plugin tables).

For example to SELECT some information from a custom table called "mytable", you can do the following.

Additionally, an adapter can get serialized to store it, for example, in a session variable.Internal components can be either scalar or composite.You can use scalar components wherever you can use scalar variables.This is an extremely powerful tool to be able to utilize.Here is a sample of one that does not use dbal.sql_build_array, for simplicity purposes.

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Number of Elements If the number of elements is specified, it is the maximum number of elements in the collection.

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